Friday, March 18, 2016

Now Lifestyle info

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Launching soon Now Lifestyle by Joel Therien is going to be absolutely the largest lifestyle brand online & offline in the next 3-5 years!

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We are going to get millions of people in the best shape of their lives without the time, frustration & expense of trying to do it! 

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HEY we all come in different shapes and sizes but we don't have to be in bad shape and health if we do the right thing (exercise) and proper nutrition. Its a matter of not stressing yourself out and just listening to what your body needs and wants :)

I used to workout close to an hour 4 times a week at the gym even though I have an upper back & neck injury from a car accident and doing that didn't really do me much good. 

Now with the Now Lifestyle NOW Body home workout system (7 minutes 3x per week) I have got rid of most of the pain from my injuries and have gained some weight (muscle mass) as I was under weight for many years.

Most people want to lose fat and this is the way to do it unless you like punishing yourself for several hours per week (its overkill)